Decontamination Chambers

TOMI Environmental Solutions

State-of-the-art, easy-to-assemble decontamination chambers from TOMI Environmental Solutions can decontaminate health care workers and equipment in less than 3 minutes to a level of 99.9999% without the use of hazardous chemicals. The bleach solutions typically used by health care workers in West Africa must remain wet on the surface for 10 minutes to be effective, but high temperatures and humidity in these environments can cause the bleach products to dry and evaporate before this required time can be achieved. Using a combination of common source materials and an innovative decontamination system, these chambers can overcome these challenges and be quickly built and easily retrofitted at various price points. The units can be used to decontaminate PPE as well as durable, portable, and delicate medical equipment (IV stands, specimen carts, bedframes), including electronics.